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Electronics & Innovation is a focused and dynamic company fulfilling the market demand for rugged and reliable RF power amplifiers, components and modules. We offer unparalleled service and support with custom designs to meet your specific applications. In addition to providing a line of power amplifiers which mirror the performance of the old ENI line, we offer support, service and repair of the former line.

E&I is a world leader in providing rugged and reliable RF power amplifiers to a wide range of markets. We supply innovative RF solutions, allowing our customers to perform more efficiently and reliably. E&I’s RF power amplifiers are suitable for various applications over a range of industries and markets.

Primary Market sectors:
– Medical
– Security & Defense
– Test & Measure
– Aerospace
– Communications
– Industrial

Arbitrary Function Generators

The Wave Standard Series is a family of single and dual channel arbitrary/function generators, designed to provide superior performance at a low price. The new series incorporates an easy to use built in waveform gallery and modulation schemes as well as a memory-based true arbitrary waveformgenerator architecture for accurate, jitter-free waveforms reaching frequencies of up to 350MHz. Packed into a compact and efficient rack mountable box, having all in one easy to use high performance unit, makes the Wave Standard series, by far, the best in its category (AFGs) for size, price and performance.

Arbitrary Waveform Generators

The Wonder Wave Series line of arbitrary waveform generators breaks new ground by combining two technologies. While being a true, memory-based arbitrary waveform generator (AWG), with all of the memory management capabilities needed to create complex waveforms, it also implements a Direct Digital Synthesizer(DDS) enabling many standard modulation types and frequency agility capabilities. Superior and far more versatilethe Wonder Wave Series exhibit performance and provide solutions to the most demanding test stimulus challenge.

High Speed AWGs

Tabor’s all-new WaveXciter series offers unrivaled performance, even when compared to instruments designed to generate fewer types of signals or higher sampling rates. The WaveXciter can generate literally any waveform, at frequencies up to 1GHz with 8 digits of resolution and 1 point granularity, resulting in the highest precision signal creation and regeneration. Aside from its natural ability to generate arbitrary waveforms, the WaveXciter can also be used as a full-featured standard, modulation or pulse generator to solve various applications. Its affordable footprint saves space and cost without compromising bandwidth and signal integrity.

PRBS Generators

Pseudo-random binary sequence generators are often required for testing communications system components. The Tabor lines of high speed arbitrary and function generators offer a built in PRBS generator with amplitude up to 4Vp-p into 50Ω and up to 20Vp-p into 50Ω combined with the A10150 “Snap-On” accessory, both having fast rise and fall times and low jitter. In addition to the PRBS generator the Tabor AWG offers extensive arbitrary as well as built in modulation and pulse generation capabilities.

Pulse / Pattern Generators

The Pulse Master is a Series of Single and Dual Channel Pulse/Waveform Generators that offers a complete array of pulse, standard, arbitrary, sequenced and modulated waveforms with unmatched performance, even compared to instruments designed to generate fewer types of signals. Its smart, compact, 2U 1/2 rack-width footprint allows designers and manufacturers to conserve substantial benchtop or rack space, while benefiting from high-performance, bandwidth, signal integrity, and reliability with the flexibility to adapt to a full spectrum of applications making the Pulse Master an important laboratory tool, both now and for many years to come.

Pulse / Function Generators

Function generators are basic tools for any laboratory. The basic features and functions are common to most function generators that are available on the market, except Tabor offers the highest end of products with truly analog signals reaching frequencies up to 50MHz. Tabor also offers Pulse/Function Generators combo, in which most standard Function Generator features are preserved and some pulse capabilities are added.

Mixed Signal Word Generators

Tabor’s line of AWGs offers high performance and extremely versatile capabilities incorporating fully featured function, pulse, modulation and arbitrary generators into a single box solution. In addition, some of Tabor’s arbitrary waveform generators also offer digital outputs with the capability of generating both analog and digital signals simultaneously. With up to 32 bit word generation, and dedicated digital memory independent or synchronized to the analog output, the Tabor line of AWGs is a perfect tool for digital design, validation and verification.

PCI & PXI Waveform Generators

PC-based instruments are gaining vast momentum in the industry. Tabor’s design is based on a very high level of integration, allowing it to implement its unique AWG technology in this platform easily. Being the bench models replica,the 5000 series set new standards in the PXI, cPXI and PCI class. It combines two technologies, making use of the best qualities from each of the types of generators allowing it to create complex waveforms, on one hand, and generating all the standard functions and modulation formats, on the other.

High Voltage / Frequency / Current Amplifiers

Power amplifiers are a must in applications requiring both complex signals as well as high voltage throughput. Such a combination is rare in high performance instrumentation and therefore external amplification devices must be used to achieve this task. The Tabor line of wideband amplifiers was designed to operate in conjunction with its series of waveform generators thus providing the ultimate solution for high-voltage, wideband applications.

Digital Signal Amplifiers

Tabor’s new line of digital signal amplifiers allows for a better, more advanced utilization of the already available digital outputs on some of Tabor’s arbitrary waveform generators. Combined, they offer the highest performance mixed signal generation package, having high-end, high speed arbitrary generation capabilities with the most sophisticated digital pattern generation, all in a single solution. Whether your application requires you to perform characterization, validation, verification or debugging, Tabor’s mixed signal sources solutions combination will prevail.

PCI & PXI Signal Amplifiers

A common problem with PXI, cPCI and PCI equipment is the inability to produce high voltages resulting from low power supply rails. Tabor Electronics’ new amplifiers solve the problem by converting the supply rails to higher voltage suitable for signals up to 40Vp-p. The line was designed to operate in conjunction with Tabor’s Waveform Generators thus providing the ultimate solution for PXI and PCI, high-voltage, wideband applications.